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Find out which companies are visiting your website

Leads5050 identifies leads and potential prospects by uncovering the identity of your website visitors.

Website visitor identification

Which products and services are most popular

Our lead generation software identifies which services or products are most popular with your visitors. Find out the most recent visits quanties per page.

website visitor tracking

Know instantly when you have site visitors

Find out the latest visitors to your site as they happen. Use this information to quickly follow up on potential prospects.

B2B site visitors

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Compatible with all the leading CMS and eCommerce platforms

WordPress - Lead Generation Software
Shopify - Website Lead generation software
Opencart - Website Lead generation software
Joomla - Website Lead generation software
Sana Website lead software
Wix website lead generation software
Big Commerce website lead generation software
Presta Shop visitoe identification software
Woocommerce website lead software
Drupal site lead software
Magento Lead software
Squarespace site lead software

Why choose Leads5050


User friendly

Leads5050 is easy to figure out, efficient to use and well supported. The platform is intuitative, efficient and easy to navigate.



Data security has been one of the focus points of Leads5050 right from the beginning. This is very important as many other platforms do not pay attention to security issues related to a business’ data. 


Data to intelligent information

Leads5050 is packed with information for marketers and salespersons. Gather accurate website visitor infomation and site journey to increase your qualified sales leads.

Number of Lead                             Monthly Cost                  Yearly Cost

 up to 200                         €50/Mth               €600/Year

201 – 500                          €95/Mth               €1140/Year

501 – 1000                        €155/Mth             €1860/Year

1001 – 2500                      €295/Mth             €3540/Year

2501 – 5000                      €375/Mth             €4500/Year


Leads5050 knows the companies visiting your website

Website Visitor Tracking Software with a Difference

Use our website visitor tracking software to give you the information you need to make lead generation as simple as possible 

Identify the visitors to your site

Leads5050 identifies your B2B leads by uncovering the identity of your website visitors.


Categorise your leads

Allocate your leads into categories: Lead, Propect, Customer or Competitor.

Visitor interests

Checkout what products or services your customer is looking at. 

Visitor Information

Find out the name, location and website address of your site visitor. 

Who is looking at what

Discover which leads are looking at each of your services or products..


Site visit statistics

View all the visits to your site: Direct, External, Search Engines, Social Media and Internal.

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