5 Outbound B2B Marketing Strategies that can be bolstered by Leads5050.

In the past outbound marketing was synonymous with cold calls, and most people regarded marketers who practised it as spammers. Fortunately, with more advanced digital targeting tools, today’s B2B marketing companies can run highly targeted and personalized campaigns for even better sales performance and without the risk of being branded as spammers.

By using the information available through leads5050 you can improve your content, deliver value to your site visitors, and ultimately turn these visitors into strong leads and customers.

Here we will look at 5 traditional outbound marketing strategies that can be bolstered by Leads5050.

1. Take a Value-Based Approach

Outbound marketing requires you to be more proactive and aggressive in reaching out to potential leads. But it’s important to do this in a structured way, sending out information and hoping for this best is a truly unreliable approach. You don’t want to take the old school salesman route, where you just list your product’s best features and finish with a list of reasons why the prospect should buy it.

On the contrary, the product should not even be your focal point. Instead, focus on showing your audience that you understand their needs and empathize with their problems.

How do you find this out? Check out the most frequent visitors to your site, what are they looking at and what is their business? Can you improve your content or information to align more greatly with what they are looking for?


2. Need to Know Something? Just Ask.

Many marketers erroneously think that up-to-date market research and data analysis is all they need to understand their audience and draft marketing campaigns. However, research studies do not always represent the true picture.

Simply asking your target audience what they think about your product will give you more accurate and actionable data. For instance, if you run a social media consultancy business, you can send one of your prospects an email with the query, “Based on your last year’s performance, what would you say are your biggest challenges in social media marketing?”

If your products can solve all the challenges in their list or responses, you would be in a better position to convert the lead. If not, you would still get useful information you can use for future planning.

You may not want potential leads knowing that you discovered them on your site so phrasing cold emails in the correct light are important.

Ask them what they thought of your products and services, follow up with a personalized approach and develop a rapport.


3. Adopt Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-Based Marketing involves zeroing in on a set of target accounts, based on how likely they are to convert. You would then use personalized campaigns to engage with each account, based on its specific needs and attributes.

ABM marketing programs may involve attending in-person events with the leaders of the target company, hosting webinars, web personalization and even advertising. This approach is commonly used by B2B companies that target larger businesses with long sales cycles.

Leads 5050 helps take care of a large portion of this analysis for you. Our Leads funnel page will categories potential leads into their most likely to least likely to convert allowing your marketing team to establish ABM metrics at a much faster rate. This is particularly ideal for businesses that have a more global reach.

4. Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is one of the key pillars of outbound marketing. It also helps in brand building and involves developing and nurturing relationships with prospective clients at each stage of the marketing campaign.

Similar to the value-based approach, the product you’re selling should not be the focus of your lead nurturing efforts. Instead, focus on building trust and connections with your audience by consistently providing accurate, helpful, and timely information and responses. That way, they will see your business as a reliable “friend” rather than just someone who needs their money.

How to do this? Have a look at what pages visitors are interacting with on your site, evaluate the bounce rate and look for discrepancies and potential areas of improvement, Email leads and ask them their opinions on certain aspects of your company site.

5. Create a Unique Brand Voice

Whatever your niche, chances are, there are hundreds of other businesses doing the same thing, and for almost similar prices. To ensure long-term survival in an increasingly tough market, you will need to create an easily distinguishable image that lets you stand out. You will have to be one of the first names people think of when they think about your specific industry.

The good news is that, with social media, brand building is a lot easier and less costly than it ever was. For instance, you can position yourself as a friendly, humorous brand by posting consistent, well-crafted pieces on your social media platforms and positively interacting with your fans.

Alternatively, you can establish yourself as a trustworthy, reputable brand by posting more in-depth, well-researched pieces that enlighten and captivate your audience.

Becoming a recognizable brand in any area is important. If you have services or products that constantly receive positive reviews or if you have information that receives a large amount of traffic, push this on other mediums to ensure you are viewed as the number one contender in your field.


By understanding your market and clients and reaching out to them in a professional yet friendly and relatively personalized way, you can significantly boost your sales performance and create productive long-term business relationships.

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