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Removing and Repurposing Underperforming Pages

Removing and Repurposing Underperforming PagesIf you have been using Leads5050 you may be seeking ways to improve certain posts, your ranking, landing pages and time on site etc. Leads5050 provide valuable insights into what potential leads are doing on your site,...

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5 Important Lead Categories within Leads5050

5 Important Lead Categories within Leads5050Though this is not a hard and fast rule there are certain categories that you may prioritize over others within Leads5050. We find that these provide our clients with a greater overall assessment of their website traffic,...

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Account-Based Marketing and Leads5050

Account-Based Marketing and Leads5050The use of Account-Based Marketing, especially among B2Bs has been on the rise in recent years. It is one of the most rewarding and effective marketing strategies in business and when implemented correctly it can be extremely...

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Why Categorising Your Leads is Important?

Why Categorising Your Leads is Important?Leads5050 provides your business with a plethora of information about prospective clients and returning visitors. Having this information on-hand and correctly categorizing and planning the next stage of your business...

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5 Ways to Use Leads5050 Information to Help Your Business

5 Ways to Use Leads5050 Information to Help Your BusinessHaving started using leads5050 and seeing the information available to you and your team, you may be left scratching your head about how to use this information to further your businesses position. Looking at...

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WordPress Plugin

How to identify leads from visits to your website Use the Leads5050 Wordpress Plugin easily to identify visitors to your website and to follow up on which visitors are most likely to become paying customers. The plugin is easy to install, easy to use and provides a...

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