Lead Generation & Outbound Marketing for Small Businesses

Many of the same strategies employed in B2C marketing can be applied to B2B. Small tweaks and changes can make a dramatic difference to the ROI of marketing and sales departments.

By using the information provided by Leads5050 and employing tried and tested marketing strategies business can increase brand awareness, customer loyalty and ultimately increase sales.

So, what are some of the best outbound marketing strategies and how can Leads5050 help you hone these strategies and help your business.

B2B Outbound Marketing Channels

Outbound marketing generally involves reaching out to potential customers and clients. Inbound marketing involves attracting potential leads to your business via ads, SEO, copywriting, and a host of other tactics. The channels used to achieve these goals may be similar at times, however, outbound marketing is generally broad-based.

The goal of outbound efforts can be achieved through:

  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Websites
  • Direct calls
  • Use of email
  • Radio advertisements

Sending emails is a popular outbound technique widely embraced and has yielded plenty of satisfactory results. It’s worth mentioning; however, that an outbound marketer ought to center their idea around what they wish to communicate to their potential clients.

Outbound Strategies for Small Businesses

When adopting outbound strategies, businesses constantly strive to increase their Return on Investment (ROI). This form of marketing can be effective, especially for small enterprises which are trying to grow.

Often, outbound strategies are mistaken to mean overloading the customer with information that you are not sure they even need. For example, bombarding your potential leads inbox with cold emails or showing up randomly at their doorstep. Today, marketers are more aware that an effective strategy is specific to its target audience.

Below are some of the strategies which small businesses can capitalize on to increase their ROI.

Email Marketing

This is one of the top strategies widely tried and tested by both small and big businesses. This strategy works for both enterprises and individual customers alike.

According to research, more than 90% of enterprise-to-enterprise marketers use email. Do you use it as well? Using emails results in increased engagement, which contributes to more subscribers being turned into leads. You can optimize this marketing strategy and boost your conversions by expanding your email list and increasing engagement.

Use Leads5050 find potential leads and business names that land on your site. Check out if this is the ideal customer for you and research to find the decisions makers in charge.

Go one step further and find potential clients via this same tactic. Find the potential clients via Leads5050 and then search for a similar business that have not landed on your page, can you still target these via cold email?

Events and Conferences

In outbound marketing, organizations go out of their way to find clients and not the other way around. Given that this form of marketing aims to improve engagement and brand awareness, trade shows and conferences offer an ideal platform for this to occur.

As a small business, capitalize on conferences and trade shows to attract new clients and increase one-on-one engagements with your clients.

Conversely, solely relying on trade shows and other social events isn’t enough for small businesses. Through networking, however, small businesses can reach more potential clients and ultimately increase their ROI.

If you own a small business, you can network either in person or online.

Many businesses see an upsurge in site visitors following such events. Now is the perfect time to capture communication information that can be used later for both outbound and inbound strategies.

Check your leads5050 dashboard over the following weeks and garner as much new information you can about prospectively leads.

Search and Social Media Ads

When it comes to the use of social media, both inbound and outbound tactics come into play. Adopting social media marketing is beneficial in the long run yet not as successful in achieving short-term results.

This is particularly useful if your business is either new or is small. To realize good short-term and long-term results, a mix of both inbound and outbound B2B tactics will suffice. By using social media ads, you increase the traffic on your site and further reap from your SEO and content marketing campaign.

Ads can be both targeted and broad-based. Leads5050 information can help in both instances by capturing new information and using existing information to create the content for your audience.

LinkedIn Marketing

Though used by many businesses and professionals, marketing on LinkedIn remains elusive to many people. Who do you target, how do you approach them will you have a good ROI on such an approach?

LinkedIn is useful both as an inbound and outbound marketing network. Search for potential businesses in your area and the decision-makers who can decide on your product or service.

Also, target businesses that have visited your site. Approach them with content, services and deals that may appeal to them and be exclusive to their business.

Network on LinkedIn groups and show the world what you have to offer.

Outbound content marketing techniques remain an instrumental approach for SMEs to improve their sales and get good ROI. Using well-crafted tools such as Leads5050 allow you to make broad and focused approaches to potential leads even outside of your immediate network. Leads5050 does not just stop with those who land on your site, use this information to target far behind there.

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