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Add users to the site

Once a site is set up, the owner (account holder) can assign access to other users on the team. These users do not need to have a prior account and will be prompted to sign up (for free) to access the account once they are invited.

The account holder must log in to the Leads5050 dashboard in order to add other users.

Login form for Leads5050

Select the Site account that you would like to add one or more users to. The account information will open up to reveal all the information about the Site account.

Select the Leads5050 Account

Type the email address for the user into the Add User (email) field. Make sure that you type the correct email address into the field before pressing enter.

If the user already exists on Leads5050, then the user will be added to the account and will immediately have access to the reports generated for this site.

If the user is not a member of Leads5050, then the user account is created and a password reset email is sent to the email address that you entered. This user will need to click on the email to add a password of their choosing before they will be able to view the site information.

The user email is added to the ‘Users Assigned’ block.

A red ‘X’ appears next to each user. Clicking this removes access to the user.

Add users to a Leads5050 account