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Using marketing insights to generate leads.

Leads5050 is the on-line resource to help you increase your leads!

To identify which companies visit your website, we use our technology to reconcile the visiting company’s computing address to who they actually are!

Leads5050 has a database of over 2.3 Billion world-wide companies.

Our Story

Leads5050 is part of the Jovian Ltd. suite of internet tools. Our customers trust our Internet Marketing tools to help bring more visitors and leads to their sites. We also offer our clients, SEO and digital marketing solutions through CreatorSEO and ABCDigital.

For over 10 years, we have being providing data and process solutions for growth of our customer businesses – from start-ups to multi-million dollar turnover organisations.

Leads5050 has been developed to meet the needs of our customers to generate more leads from their websites. We found some of the existing tools on the market to be either too expensive or not easy to use. So we built Leads5050 to identify website visitors!

Leads5050 is not unique to one or just a number of industry sectors. Leads5050 can be used across any industry sector. Leads5050 have been used by companies across many industry sectors, including:


Aerospace/ Aviation

Financial Services

Information Technology

Medical Devices

Software development







Our founding business, CreatorSEO was started in Shannon, Ireland in 2008 with the launched of our suite of Tools for Website Assessment.

Our objective was to help companies to ‘generate leads’ on the Internet.

John Caldwell

John Caldwell


John Caldwell (MSc., DMM, MBA) – Director of customer management and promotion.

Clinton Dickerson

Clinton Dickerson

Technical Director

Clinton Dickerson (MSc, Ph.D., CPhys) – Director of solutions development and operations.

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