5 Important Lead Categories within Leads5050

Though this is not a hard and fast rule there are certain categories that you may prioritize over others within Leads5050. We find that these provide our clients with a greater overall assessment of their website traffic, though of course many variables can be taken into place when looking at your site visitors.

We thought it would be a good idea to take a deep dive into some of the categories within leads5050 why they are important and how they can help your business evaluate potential leads.

·      Frequent visitors

These are visitors who have visited the site more than once within a specific period. Leads5050 provide a weekly or monthly look at site visitors.

A combination of frequent visitors and recency reports can show you which days bring the most visitors, how often people visit your website, and most importantly the difference in user patterns between frequent and occasional visitors.

Frequent visitors are often customers and/or suppliers, however, those who are not are often high-quality potential leads that see something of interest on your site.

Leads5050 will also show you the number of pages viewed among other important snippets.

These leads are those you should begin to examine to create a marketing and sales funnel.

·      Popular Pages

Popular pages are the pages that receive the most visits and interactions. There may be an array of factors in play here from SEO to advertising and quality content.

For most commercial sites, the most popular pages are the About, and Contact Us pages and probably one or two of their most helpful blog posts.

By knowing the exact pages that attract the highest traffic and engagements, you can shift your focus to optimizing them for greater conversions. For one, you can make the pages load faster by compressing the images and tweaking the code. You can also place conspicuous and well-written CTAs on these pages to prompt visitors to do things like sign up, log in, or download an eBook.

Popular pages insights are some of the most beneficial to businesses of all sizes. The efforts placed onto these popular pages can be mimicked and reappropriated to other pages or sites to receive similar results.

Look at the popular pages tab as a tool to assist you across the rest of your site.

·      Country Visitors

Through website trackers, you can track the IP addresses of your site visitors to determine which countries and regions they come from, and how they got to your site. This data gives you a general picture of where your content and products are popular.

If for instance, you are getting more attention and engagements from an unexpected country, you can decide to restructure your ads, or sales processes to appeal to people from the country.

On the other hand, if you find that you are receiving a lower number of visitors from countries you are interested in, you may decide to put more money into buying traffic from said countries.

Using country information and cross-referencing it with company visitors and the time of visits etc. you can start to build up a profile of potential leads.

It is also a good way to weed out potential spam and bots that may be targeting your site.

·      Client assessment

Client assessment refers to a set criterion used to classify leads based on their likelihood, and ability to buy. There are 3 main categories of leads, namely, hot, warm, and cold.


  1. A hot lead is a client-in-waiting, in that they have the budget, interest, need and willingness to buy your product at that time. You don’t need to do much with hot leads, as they are already sold, but you can try calling them or offering them product demos.
  2. Warm leads are companies that are extremely interested in your business and products (may have signed for your newsletter, bought something in the past, etc), but are either not ready, or able to buy anything at the moment. To keep their interest high, you can send them regular updates on new products, and information on discount offers.
  3. Cold leads are companies who are unlikely to buy anything from you, and it would be a waste of time and money trying to convince them to.

Leads5050 leads funnel breaks down potential leads into categories based on interactions with your site. You must use this information to generate categories of potential leads and how they may be useful to your business and marketing prospects.

·      Visit statistics

Leads5050 visit statistics will show you the number of visitors over a given period, the bounce rate the channels that were used to reach your site, Direct, external, search and social.

This gives you a basic look at how well your site is doing. You can also delve in further to see the bounce rate per page, the number of visitors per day, search engines used etc.

Another great channel for examining your marketing and content efforts, site statistics should be a channel you view for a top-down approach before you delve into more detailed reports.

·      Conclusion

If you don’t regularly track your website’s statistics, you are missing out on a wide range of information that could help you make better content and run more effective campaigns. While at it, you will find that as you get better at attracting your target audience, you will inadvertently attract even people outside your normal demographic.

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