How to identify leads from visits to your website

Use the Leads5050 WordPress Plugin easily to identify visitors to your website and to follow up on which visitors are most likely to become paying customers. The plugin is easy to install, easy to use and provides a wealth of knowledge about the source of visits to your site.

Easy to Install

  1. Just login as an administrator on your WordPress Site
  2. Go to plugins and select ‘Add New’
  3.  Type ‘Leads5050’ in the search bar
  4. Select ‘leads5050-visitor-insights’
  5. Wait for it to install and the click ‘Activate’
Leads5050 Visitor Insights Plugin on WordPress
Leads5050 Activation on WordPress

Easy to Activate

  1. Go to Tools > Leads5050 Insights in the Admin Dashboard
  2. Click the button labelled ‘CLICK HERE to Start’
  3. A license number will be assigned and a ‘Save Changes button will display
  4. Click the ‘Save Changes’ Button to see the results area
  5. That’s it! you are monitoring visits directly to the Leads5050 WordPress Insights page

Supercharge Your Lead identification

  1. Go to and select ‘Register’
  2. Select a Package that suits your needs
  3. Press ‘Sign Up’
  4. Fill out the form
    Use the Domain name that you have for your WordPress site
  5. Press ‘Register
  6. Find out all about who visits your site, which pages they visit and more…
Leads5050 Visit Dashboard