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Do you know all the companies that visit your website?

Are you aware or know the companies that visit your website. If you don’t, you are missing opportunities.


Increase your prospects

We will provide you with the names B2B visitors to your website.

Proactively contact the companies that are interested in your services.


Do you know what your potential customers want?

Do you know which of your services or products that your potential customers are looking at. If you don’t, you are missing opportunities.


Know what interests your prospects

We will provide you with the products and services that your leads are looking at.

Find out what interests your customers.


Do you know when potential customers visit your site?

Do you know when prospects and visiting your website. If you don’t, you are missing opportunities.


Find out when prospects visit your website

We will let you know when prospects visit your website. Get a daily email of the visitors to your site for the previous day.

More prospects, become more leads and help increase your sales.


From identifying the leads and potential prospects of your website visitors to finding out what products and services they are interested in:


  • What they searched for
  • How many times they visited
  • When they visited the site
  • Pages viewed and time spent

Leads5050 knows the companies visiting your website

Website Visitor Tracking Software with a Difference

Use our website visitor tracking software to give you the information you need to make lead generation as simple as possible 

Identify your website visitors

Identify your B2B leads. Uncover the identity of your website visitors.


Categorise your leads

Allocate your leads: Lead, Prospect, Customer or Competitor.

Visitor interests

Checkout what products or services your customer is looking at.

Visitor Information

Find out the name, location and website address of your site visitor.

Who is looking at what

Discover which leads are looking at each of your services or products.


Site visit statistics

View all the visits to your site: direct, search, ads, social media, etc.

Filter your information

You decide on what information you would like to look at.

Assign names

Assign names to leads, clients and competitors who visit your site.

Email Notifications

We send email notifications to you. You just have to choose how often.