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In the world of online marketing, one of the most crucial things is B2B lead generation.

If you really want to have the highest returns on investment with your online marketing campaign, then you really need to employ the most effective B2B lead generation strategies. But before dwelling on these, there are some important issues you need to have in mind:


  • Focus on Productive Strategies Only

One common mistake with many B2B marketers is that they devote so many resources and time into strategies that simply do not work. Such marketers see that they keep spending but putting in efforts, but they never ever get to see the results at all.

If you are not sure of the strategies that are wasting your time and resources, there are very useful tools like Leadformly, smat and interactive website forms.


  • Know the Strategies That Work

Even more important than knowing which of the strategies do not get you any result is knowing which of the strategies that do work. Once you can identify the most useful strategies, the next thing is to stick to them. One of the ways by which you can ascertain this is to analyse the sources of the leads to your online platform.

For B2B, some of the most relevant sources here include telemarketing, social media pages, blogs, email marketing, trade shows, product exhibitions, content marketing, conferences, online registration, webinars, online directories, retargeted ads, affiliate marketing, rented lists, stored data, organic search (search engine optimisation) and additional advertising like the radio, television and print media.

Of all these methods, there are some that have been seen to be more effective than others. For example, SEO,  email marketing, and social media campaigns/platforms have been shown to be some of the very best when it comes to online lead generation.

There are several reasons why one method differs from another when it comes to getting good results. One of the most prominent of these reasons is the bias of the audience. Visitors prefer different styles on different platforms, and this is apparent. For example, when an email marketing technique is used, it will attract its own specific kind of audience and the same thing applies to social media marketing for example.

But the interesting thing is that whatever the platform that is being used when it comes to B2B online lead generation, there are some methods that are productive with results. Once again, these include social marketing, search marketing, content marketing and of course, email marketing. In fact, if one is to get the most excellent results with B2B online lead generation, the best thing to do is to have a combination of these strategies. For example, one can make use of search marketing and email marketing together or even content marketing and social media marketing – it always works.


  • Use your existing lead opportunities

Even better than new outbound campaigns, you need to capture the leads already visiting your website. Leads5050 uses IP addresses to find out which businesses are visiting your website and what services they are interested in.

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