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Improving your content with leads5050

Leads5050 has been designed specifically to help B2B companies find out what companies are viewing their website. This information can help sales and marketing teams target specific companies, but with the right approach, Leads5050 can be used in a plethora of ways to help your businesses strategy.

If your business is trying to promote products and services and potential leads are not landing on those pages or are leaving to quickly, perhaps your content needs a new approach. Leads5050 can help you find weaknesses in your content and help you improve what you have to offer.

By understanding who visits your site, where they come from, how long they stayed etc you can create content that that will connect with your leads and potentially expand the number of leads you have.

Why your content important?

Remember the longer a lead stays on your site the more likely they are to purchase from you or be open to approaches from both your marketing and sales staff.

The type of content you create matters, and we will look at how some of the insights from Leads5050 can help you create content that your visitors can both use and enjoy.

How to use leads5050 for your content strategy?

Our popular pages insights show the most visited pages on your website and who does visitors were. If there is a disproportionate number arriving on pages that are not relevant, then you may lose their interest. It’s important to examine as many factors of your page insights as possible, for examples how often a page has been visited and if the landing page is the right one for your leads.

Frequent visitors:

If you are unsure if a lead is qualified or not, check out the frequent visitor tab. Examine the content that they are viewing and have a look.

By looking at frequent visitors and what content they have returned to view or search for you can develop a marketing strategy based on these pages. Generate newsletter, advertising and start sales funnels with added information related to popular pages, send emails with further information from frequently visited pages, this would be a great approach for an outbound marketing strategy.

Popular pages:

Popular pages are a perfect way to explore gaps within your content. They can show the best style to write in, what kind of media leads enjoy and how potential leads found your site. Perhaps pages with videos or those with specific information are generating the most visits to your site.

If you can emulate this style with new content you should be able to capture more leads, expand the time on the page and create content that truly entices your audience. It would be worth noting if SEO, advertising or other channels are helping you regarding your popular pages.

Also, it might be worth noting what pages fail to attract leads or which have a high bounce rate. Studying the content and what makes the difference in your pages will allow you to fill in the gaps in your content strategy.


Have a look at the channels used to reach your site are they direct, through external links, via social media etc. Perhaps your marketing team is focusing too much time on channels that are not getting returns. Depending on your business set up some channels may not be worth the time to create content for. Social media is a great example of a channel that many businesses can forget.

Facebook continually reduces the organic ranking of pages and articles that are generated for the site. If your customer base is not here or will not see your content, then is there any use in creating content for your business?

Social media content can be repurposed for SEO, email and advertising which can bring back results in a much quicker time.

By looking at the channels used by leads, you can maximise the content produced for these channels.

Recent visitors and how to use it

During a product launch or at the start of a new content strategy, it’s important to examine how your content is doing early on.

High bounce rates and low time on site can show your marketing team if there are areas for improvement.

Gathering data on the content and how it is doing will allow your team to make swift changes before a larger launch. This is especially true for advertising content and the landing pages for ads. If the content is not received well, then the cost of advertising will be a waste. Examine your content to find the gaps and areas that can be improved.

Why countries matter:

The companies that land on your site are of course an important piece of the leads generating funnel, but so too is what country companies have come from. If your product or service has a global reach, then perhaps you can create content that other countries can relate to.

Case studies examining the success of your product or service in a particular country, or blogs and news posts that mention certain countries will appeal to does who land on your site. Having a global approach to the content you produce can appeal to a wider audience and Leads5050 allows you to see which countries your site is most popular in, allowing you to create a whole slew of new content based on location.

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