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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the discounted trial work?

You can try Leads5050 for FREE for 14 days. You can start your trial by signing up. During the 14-day trial, you will be able to use the Leads5050 platform with no limitations.

When do I get billed?

You will get billed when you activate your discounted trial. You will sign up for a subscription and will be charged every month or yearly respectively until you cancel your subscription. If a payment fails you will have 30 days to update your payment details before your subscription is automatically cancelled.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription anytime. Your subscription will continue to be active until the end of your current term, but will not automatically renew. Unless you delete your account manually, your account and all data will be deleted 60 days from the day your subscription becomes inactive.

How can I pay for Leads5050?

You can pay for your subscription using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) or Paypal. Bank transfer payments are available only for custom invoices or purchase orders.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, we do. We accept Purchase Orders from resellers or companies that wish to be billed offline and pay via bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. Purchase orders and custom invoicing is only available for annual subscriptions.

Do I need to pay VAT?

Pricing is VAT exclusive. A purchase might be subject to VAT, depending on the country in which your business is registered.

If your business is registered in the Republic of Ireland, then VAT will be at a rate of 23%.

For business customers in another EU state: the place of supply is deemed to be that other EU state and no Irish VAT will apply. The recipient customer will charge themselves VAT and claim a simultaneous input credit (if entitled to) under the reverse charge basis.

For business customers outside of the EU: the place of supply is deemed to be the releant juristiction outside the EU. In this instance, no Irish VAT applies as the place of supply is deemed to be that particular country. As no VAT regime will apply in this country, no VAT will be charged.




As as Irish supplier, supplies these services to a business customer For all other countries, all businesses will not be charged VAT  is a VAT registered company and provides a valid VAT number, then VAT will be exempted. However, VAT will be added for EU customers who have not provided a valid VAT EU number and for all customers registered in Cyprus (PROTOIO EUROPE). If you are unsure, if VAT liability applies to you, please contact an accountant or legal advisor.

Where will I be billed from?
You will be billed in Euros from Ireland by Leads5050, Jovian Ltd.
Is my data safe?

Yes. We take your privacy, security and back up very seriously. Your data is stored on a banking-level secure server. You can delete your account at any stage.

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