The difference between B2B sales and B2B marketing? 

When it comes to B2B relationships two of the most important areas are that of sales and marketing.

A business which provides services and products to partners, client companies and others within their respective niches have a delicate balancing act. They must live up to supply and demand needs of prospective clients while maintaining professional courtesy and pragmatic approaches.

B2B and B2C relationships are very different in that a business will use its purchasing power in the process of increasing profits and revenue for their business.

A B2C relationship is easier in that the product is going to be used by the final purchaser.

Marketing and sales teams must remember this when involved in B2B relationships.


B2B Marketing

Marketing teams in every industry are involved in brand recognition, lead acquisition and promotion of their businesses products and services.

Marketing teams will promote their business through a variety of methods. These include product demonstrations, cold calling, webpages, SEO etc, among a host of other avenues.

The goal here is to highlight the necessity of the product or services, create brand recognition and develop an interest in their company from respective clients.

From small scale items such as office furniture to online security software, marketing teams need to ensure they are targeting the correct decision-makers. These must be the ones with authority within a company.

Depending on the product or service, this could be a long-term strategy or large-scale sales promotion.


B2B Sales

Sales teams will usually focus on the final decision makers in the sales funnel process.

For example, a large-scale company may have an office manager who deals specifically with office supplies. Whereas if they were dealing with Software, they may need to negotiate with the head of the IT department.

It is hoped in the sales process that the marketing and sales teams work hand in hand. The marketing team generating warm leads which can then be approached by the sales department in order to finalise sales and create repeats businesses.


Difference between sales and marketing:

  • Marketing focuses on the image and reputation of a company. Sales on the product or service they are trying to sell.
  • Marketers generate leads through a variety of methods from social media to cold calling. Sales target these leads turning them into customers.
  • Marketers use long term strategies to build trust and confidence in potential clients. Sales use this sell new products and services further down the line.
  • Sales teams will focus on a product or service. Marketers look at the overall offerings of their company.
  • B2B sales involve promotions such as discounts, add on extras and bulk purchase promotions. B2B marketing involves promotion of the brand which resonate with the target audience including anyone who has an influence on the buying decision.
  • Finally, marketing departments generally work behind the scenes promoting and facilitating lead generation. Sales may sometimes be viewed as the face or voice of the business; they will be the people you are negating with when the time comes to purchase.

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