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What is Website lead tracking? and How to use Website lead tracking? 

Website lead tracking is the process of marketing and sales team monitoring and engaging with potential customers throughout the sales cycle and creating personalized messaging to improve chances of conversion.

Firms use website lead tracking to understand how visitors interact with their site and adjust the content and structure to eliminate unnecessary steps, nudging more visitors to purchase, return and sign up.


Why is Website Lead Tracking important?

Website lead tracking gives sales and marketing teams a detailed understanding of their user needs that can be used to create a changed and useful website experience. For example, popular posts can be promoted by news sites after tracking which article got the most attention. Nearly every company with a website uses its visitor data to make a more informed product, customer support decisions and marketing trying to find more value for its customers. Common goals include:

  • Getting more signups or purchases
  • Getting more visitors
  • More ad clicks
  • Producing qualified leads
  • Eliminate and change delays in the buying


The way to track website leads

There are two ways in which website leads can be tracked:

  • Build analytics
  • Purchase a software

Majority of the companies go with the second option as building a tool takes time and is more expensive than buying one online. There is a lot of website analytic software divided into free or paid. As we all know, paid tools often offer more features and have more customer-friendly interface as compared to free tools and building analytics.


Purchase a Software

If you choose to purchase Software, here are the features you should look for:

  • Real-Time, categorized data delivered
  • Hottest and best leads are prioritized over the others
  • The software shows you a detailed report on which website visitor came from what source
  • The software offers a CRM tool that gathers all your leads in one place
  • The software lets you create a dream list for those businesses or clients that you have always wanted to work with

Build Analytics

When you have an option to choose between analytic tools, your team should evaluate the current technologies it uses to track users. Each technology has its different uses and affects the quality of the data it produces. Browser Cookies are for example the widest used ways for tracking a lead on website.

  • Common Website Lead Tracking Methods include:
  • Customised URLs
  • Browser Cookies
  • Pixel Tags
  • IP Addresses

To effectively track visitors, a company must not implement one tool but multiple tools and assign a universal ID to a user that can combine data from multiple places and method to provide an overall view. Before implementing a method to track users, a company or a team should create a tracking plan where they record a list of events and behaviours considered useful. The act of creating a tracking plan also makes the teams create syntax for naming their events so it is easily understood when the data is displayed on the analytics platform.

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